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Are you a healthy volunteer interested in participating in a clinical trial?

  • Do you know what is involved?
  • Have you participated in a clinical trial in the last 12 months?
  • Recreational drug users cannot be considered for clinical trials

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General Study Processes

Each study has different requirements, however most contain the following three parts:

  • Screening: Screening involves attending an appointment where a nurse and a doctor will assess whether or not a volunteer is eligible for a given study. This usually includes blood tests, an ECG, physical examination, questions about the volunteer’s medical history, and weight and height measurements are taken. A urine sample for a drugs of abuse test is also taken during the initial visit.
  • Inpatient Visits: This often involves volunteers staying overnight in the unit so the trial medication can be administered under controlled conditions. The Unit’s comfortable in-house facilities include TV, Sky, DVDs, Playstation, wireless internet and pool table. Meals are provided during the volunteer’s stay.
  • Outpatient Visits: Most studies include outpatient visits where blood and/or urine samples may be taken in order to gather study data and ensure volunteer safety.

House rules: ACS requires all volunteers to comply with house rules during each visit to the unit. Dietary restrictions, e.g. no caffeine, can sometimes apply during studies.


Eligibility for each study varies according to the medicine being tested. 


  • Volunteers are compensated for any inconvenience they may suffer by participating in the study. This is conditional on following the study requirements.
  • If you are receiving a benefit or allowance from a government agency, there may be implications for this if you participate in the study. You may wish to discuss this with your case manager prior to taking part. The payment advice you receive will state that you were paid from the admission visit until the final follow-up visit. ACS staff are not qualified to provide advice on tax issues.
  • If you are withdrawn from the study for medical reasons, having received trial medication, you will receive payment in full. If you withdraw for any other reason you may not be entitled to full payment but you will receive a portion of the payment, depending on how much of the study you have completed.
  • Once you have been accepted onto a study you will be offered assistance with travel costs. ACS provides either taxi vouchers to volunteers who live within the city, or mileage and parking reimbursements to volunteers who provide their own transport. There is no volunteer parking available at ACS. Metered parking is available on Grafton Road and the Auckland City Hospital carpark is nearby. If you live outside Auckland, the study staff will advise you on your travel payment entitlement.