Auckland is New Zealand’s largest city and has a subject regional catchment population of around 2 million.

ACS is situated directly opposite Auckland’s leading tertiary referral hospital, Auckland City Hospital (ACH) and has access to a full range of medical specialities including our local lab, LabPLUS, ACH’s premier medical laboratory.

Auckland is fortunate in having many clinical research groups in most therapeutic disciplines associated with the Auckland School of Medicine and Auckland’s major tertiary hospitals. These researchers are fully supportive and keen to participate in joint ventures and recruit patients for Phase I and II studies.

ACS is within walking distance of New Zealand’s major university, the University of Auckland; many of the students are willing to participate in healthy volunteer studies. ACS has about 10,000 names on its subject data-base.

Quality Assurance is an integral part of ACS, as such a dedicated quality team works hard to maintain our high standards and subsequent excellent reputation. Our Standard Operating Procedures are well established and we have been subject to many sponsor audits without any critical findings. We have also had many successful qualification audits and feasibility visits as well as an FDA inspection in 2017 where no findings were reported.

The favourable New Zealand economic environment and supportive Regulatory system enables us to offer timely and quality services at a competitive price.

When CRO services are required, ACS can recommend and tailor these to fit your needs.

Collaboration with Christchurch Clinical Studies Trust (CCST)

For large studies or difficult to recruit populations we are able to offer the benefits of 65 beds and recruitment across two distinct catchment areas by collaborating with CCST, based in Christchurch on the South Island of New Zealand. These two world class research facilities have a long & successful track record of collaborating to deliver Quality, Timely Solutions in Phase I and II studies for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. A single national approval process and consistent standard operating procedures allow for a fast, simple and efficient study conduct across the two sites. Recent collaborations have been on large HV biosimilar and special population studies.