• Across four floors, approx. 1900sqm of ACS House. Conveniently located directly opposite Auckland City Hospital (Emergency dept. and local lab, LabPLUS).
  • A total of 35 beds in an open plan design, including four private patient rooms, one with an ensuite.
  • Two clinical units, 14 beds on the ground floor and 21 beds on level 1. The ground floor also comprises reception and dispensary.
  • Dedicated 10 bed outpatient area with three individual screening rooms.
  • Fully equipped emergency trolleys in both units.
  • Security with monitored surveillance.
  • Integrated IT system includes ability for Electronic Data Transfer.
  • 56 kVa Heimer emergency generator that is capable of running all essential services in the event of mains supply power failure.


  • The first-floor unit comprises 21-beds including four private rooms, one with ensuite, an amenities area with a central 6-position nurses’ station. An electronic nurse call system links subjects to nurses’ station and all areas of the unit and admin floors.
  • The ground floor unit comprises 14-beds in an open plan design.  A nurses’ station at the end of the unit provides an excellent vantage point of all beds.  An electronic nurse call system links subjects to nurses’ station, all areas of the unit and administration floors.
  • The second floor comprises a 10-bed outpatient space with three individual consultation/screening rooms and a meeting room for group information sessions.
  • Expert dietetic advice is available to ensure study meals meet protocol requirements whilst being nutritious and tasty.
  • GE MAC 3500 and 2000 ECGs are located in both outpatient and unit areas, with a centralised system to capture, compare and print out in real time.
  • Centralised GE Cardiac telemetry with cardiologist reporting services.
  • Clinical trial participants have same-floor access to a dining room, computer facilities including free Wi-Fi connection, gaming computers, Playstation, X-Box, pool table or Foosball, and wide-screen TV.
  • A series of 12 GPS-driven digital clocks can be viewed from each bed and other areas of the unit to allow on time dosing and sampling.


  • A fully equipped laboratory that includes monitored -30C, two -80C freezers, two refrigerators, four variable-speed refrigerated centrifuges, two non-refrigerated centrifuges and a chemical fume hood.
  • A Pneumatic Air Tube System to transfer samples safely and efficiently from bed sides to lab.
  • A dedicated dark room to process light sensitive samples.
  • A specialised team of IATA trained staff responsible for shipment of biological samples to various central/local labs.
  • Temperature monitored and controlled Laboratory Store Room.

PBMC Processing Facility

  • Additional facilities for Isolation and preservation of Peripheral Blood Nuclear Cells (PBMC).
  • This includes two 1.2M Biosafety Cabinets with UV light option, automated cell counter, a reagent refrigerator and variable-speed refrigerated centrifuge.
  • A specialised team trained and experienced on different PBMC protocols.
  • A dedicated storage room for PBMC cryo-preservation that includes a 35L Liquid Nitrogen storage tank with all the required safety equipment.


  • The dispensary is access controlled and monitored for humidity and temperature. It contains four drugs fridges and a freezer, all temperature logged and monitored.
  • The dispensary has a pass-through hatch to a state-of-the art positive pressure clean room containing an Esco Class II biosafety cabinet.