• Covers 1320 sq.m. of ACS House. We are across 4 floors and directly opposite Auckland City Hospital (Emergency dept. and local lab, LabPLUS).
  • Has a total of 35 beds. 32 beds in open plan setting and three individual patient rooms.
  • Has two clinical units, 15 beds on the ground floor and 20 beds on level 1. The ground floor also comprises reception, subject screening rooms/ outpatient treatment rooms and dispensary.
  • Has fully equipped emergency trolleys in both units.
  • Has security with monitored surveillance.
  • Has an integrated IT system includes ability for Electronic Data Transfer and top-of-the-range Canon facsimile machine meets the requirement for high resolution paper transmission.
  • Has a 56 kVa Heimer emergency generator that is capable of running all essential services in the event of mains supply power failure.


  • The dispensary is access controlled and monitored for humidity and temperature. It contains four drugs fridges and a freezer, all temperature logged and monitored.
  • The dispensary has a pass-through hatch to a state-of-the art positive pressure clean room containing an Esco Class II biosafety cabinet.


  • The first floor contains a 20-bed ward including 3 private rooms and amenities area with a central 6-position nurses’ station. An electronic nurse call system links subjects to nurses’ station and all areas of the unit and admin floors.
  • The ground floor contains a 15 bed open ward and amenities area with a central 4 position nurses’ station. An electronic nurse call system links subjects to nurses’ station, all areas of the unit and administration floors.
  • Expert dietetic advice is available to ensure study meals meet protocol requirements whilst being nutritious and tasty for the subjects.
  • GE MAC 3500 ECGs are located in outpatient and ward areas.
  • Centralised GE Cardiac telemetry available
  • Clinical trial participants have same-floor access to a dining room, telephone, computer facilities including free Wi-Fi connection, Playstation, pool table or Foosball, and wide-screen TV.
  • A series of 12 GPS-driven digital clocks can be viewed from each bed and other areas of the unit to allow on time dosing and sampling.


  • A fully equipped laboratory includes monitored -30oC, two -80oC freezers, two refrigerators, four Eppendorf 5810R variable-speed refrigerated centrifuges and two Eppendorf 5702 non-refrigerated centrifuges.
  • Additional facilities for isolation and preservation of Peripheral Blood Nuclear Cells (PBMC). This includes a 1.2M Thermofisher Biosafety Cabinet with UV light option, automated cell counter and one Eppendorf 5702R variable-speed refrigerated centrifuge.
  • A dedicated storage room for PBMC cryo-preservation includes a 35L Liquid Nitrogen storage tank with all the required safety equipment.