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Join our database of fit and healthy volunteers!

Since 2006, we have been working hard to facilitate the development of new medicines. By taking part in clinical trials at ACS you really can make a difference.

The benefits of participating in a clinical trial at ACS

  • Advancing the developing of new medicines
  • Meeting new people and making new friends
  • Staying over in our comfortable facilities, catching up on work or study
  • Being entertained (light yoga etc), provided delicious meals, a laundry service and access to free WIFI
  • Being reimbursed for your time

We can keep you posted with new studies that may be suitable for you.


What our participants have to say

“Over the past two years I have participated in several medical trials being held by the team at Auckland Clinical Studies.
ACS have been very open and informative when ever they have offered me a placing and have made sure I know exactly what I am signing up for.
The facilities are comfortable and I now treat it like a paid holiday away from my normal distractions
While there I have also been free to work as I please as I run my business from my laptop.
The staff are always super friendly and you get to know everyone very quickly.
If you are thinking of looking into participating in a Medical Trial I would recommend getting in touch with these guys”

Evan Donnelly, 01 Nov 2017

“As regards my experience with the RACE study at Auckland Clinical studies, I found that it was excellent. Any initial misgivings i may have had were soon dispelled by the clear information I was given both verbally and in written form. Everyone was supportive and caring so that one felt safe throughout, and I was never put under any kind of pressure. Any questions I had were promptly answered and small problems solved. At no time did I feel worried or concerned. Despite it being a commitment for several months, it was good to know that there was some flexibility about dates and times of appointments.

The environment was welcoming and comfortable, although it was very obviously a medical ward! The medical care was thorough and I found that very reassuring, speaking as a cancer survivor. Being involved in a clinical trial was very interesting – I was fascinated by the timing of everything, even having to eat our meals to the minute.

I also welcomed the opportunity to meet other women who had travelled the same path as me, even though we were very different people.

I would like to thank all the nurses and doctors and you too, Margaret, for making the experience a positive one for me”

Marion Martin, 24 Oct 2017

“Good, professional staff and well-paid studies. Great way to earn some extra money.”

Michael Quinn, 19 Oct 2017

“I had a great time, the nurses are really nice, they have good food and a pool table, tv and consoles for entertainment! Would highly recommend doing a study”

Maxine Chappell, 27 June 2017